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 TakaIntro: Introduction to Taka

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PostSubject: TakaIntro: Introduction to Taka   Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:26 pm

So... played EQ1 since Planes of Power ... Gyee Tarr 85 Vah Shir Bard of Shining Alliance Guild on Prexus.

Played eq2 when it came out, my comp couldn't handle it then. But I have bounce back and forth a little earning a decendent of Gyee the Bard on EQ1 - Gyee Tarr the Ranger in eq2 48 Ranger on Crushbone( i might copy, if i find $35 bucks to waste).

Also, played "Bringdem DownToDerKnees" 82 Paladin on Prexus in EQ1. Who became my fav as there was a high demand for tanks in end game in EQ1.

This gave birth to Takahops my Froglok Paladin. Look me up to group or do writs or whateva!

Boring, I know. Anyway i have a wife and three kids and i work in a button factory. No, actually i work in modeling and simulation of airplanes and boats. and i have 1 wife and 1 son due Dec 2010. so, i will be home taking care of him when i am not working and taking care of the house!

I love to group and try out new things and i working on a pc upgrade and just looking for folks who like to play drama free! Not hardcore but I tend to spend more hours playing EQ then xbox but less then i spend with the family! Look me up anytime on a Taka toon near you. -Disclaimer- this does not guarantee if Taka's in the name its me.
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PostSubject: Re: TakaIntro: Introduction to Taka   Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:28 pm

Bringdem in Legion of Kings
Gyee Tarr in Legions of Kings
Legion of Kings on Prexus merged with Shining Alliance
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TakaIntro: Introduction to Taka
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