Knights Of Norrath

A guild in the game everquest 2 Extended
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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:48 pm

1. No fighting. We don't allow any fighting. We are all mature, and if you have a problem with another guild member please tell Guild leader or one of the officers! We will take care of the situation as need be.

2. Log in at least once a month. (But hopefully you will be playing more then that! LOL) If your character is not logged in within this time frame, we will first send you a warning letting you know your character is close to the 30-day mark. Then after a few days of sending it, we will remove your character from the guild if you do not log in. You will be allowed to come back of course! If you know you will be away for a good amount of time, let one of the officers know and we'll make a note so your toons will not be removed.

3. We do allow alts in guild, but please list them under your name on the guild page (press U).

4. Don't beg for promotions, we have a certain way to get them and it's the only way.
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Guild rules
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