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 BossHoss ------ Guardian of KON

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PostSubject: BossHoss ------ Guardian of KON   Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:57 pm

Hi all,
BossHoss here!

I have been primarily a wow player since pretty close to beta. I have always heard about EQ but sadly never gave it a thought to try untill about 6 months ago when I started my first full account with my Real Life Friend, Javas! I have tried a few other MMO types before EQ but after trying EQ, I must say, i am pleasantly surprised. I still have allot to learn about this game but here is what has impressed me the most! 1)The friendliness and maturity of the players first and foremost! 2)The willingness to help and desire to see you succeed! And finally! 3)The Graphics, fighting choreography, and not having someone ask me what my Gearscore is!(for all you ex-Wow players)

So far i have rolled both a zerker and guardian up to level 40. I plan to tank spec and i heave read and heard the pros and cons for both, as tanks. Despite what i have heard, we have plenty of zerks. Leave it to the Guardian to save the day! No, but really, the guardian really alligns with my playstyle and it will beneifit us to have a little of everything. Hopefully, I will be able to use him effectively to support our guild as we progress in the game! I am looking forward to it!

About me in real life.
Im 34 years of age. I work in the IT field. I have a wonderful wife and two wonderful boys! I am a casual to frequent player and generally play late. I can be found logging in after 9pm central! I am looking forward to running with you!
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PostSubject: Re: BossHoss ------ Guardian of KON   Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:09 pm

Hey BossHoss,

I would just like to say that Boss is the Tank of choice when the chips are down and your need someone to step up. He is there.

He is both patient and dedicated and fiercely loyal to his guilds. He has a great sense of humor and is a team player. Ok enough typing.. I need to be killing mobs.

log in already... I need a tank.

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BossHoss ------ Guardian of KON
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