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 Some ?'s about work arounds for Bronze and Silver limits?

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PostSubject: Some ?'s about work arounds for Bronze and Silver limits?   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:18 am

Being that most of the purchaseable mounts seem to be Fabled, and seeing that bronze and or silver accounts are not supposed to be able to use legendary or fabled items.

I was wondering what are the options for those that want mounts? Quest mounts, in game mounts etc that are not above expert level ?

Or has anyone of us actually tested this to prove that we can use The Legendary and or Fabled level mounts on the Extended servers?

If we are limited by it, what are the work arounds for us as a guild? What Quest, Crafted items etc... will be our work around?
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PostSubject: Re: Some ?'s about work arounds for Bronze and Silver limits?   Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:59 pm

Hey there! I'm a bronze-level player and currently have a pretty decent mount. Not sure if you've checked out the Moonlight Enchantment quests that come up once a month (around the 21st), but the one in the Greater Faydark Nursery area gives a crystal that can be redeemed for one of two Unicorn Whistles, which call a mount with 40% run speed, which is pretty darn good, especially at only level 10 when I got it.

The mount lasts for 24 hours when called (that's 24 played hours, not real-time) and has 20 charges. This usually last me well over the months time between moonlight enchantments where I just go do the quest again and get another =D
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Some ?'s about work arounds for Bronze and Silver limits?
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